Why won't iTunes recognize my iPod?

OK. I'm having a problem with my clickwheel iPod nano 5 g. Now, when i boot up my iPod, it displays the apple logo like normally, but after a few seconds, it dissapears with a white flash. A few seconds later, the apple logo pops up again, and a screen saying "Use iTunes to restore" in many languages appears. Problem is, when I plug into the computer, iTunes 11 on 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountion lion, 10.7 lion, and maybe 10.6 snow leopard (the 4 most recent versions of os x) won't recognize it. After a while when it has this screen and plugged into computer, it shows "Do not disconnect", which is normal when in disk mode, but then automatically ejects itself and shows "OK to disconnect." It is stuck on this screen and will not respond. I remember spilling water on it a long time ago but it still worked afterwards. Trying to use disk mode (Center button + play/pause) or diagnostic mode (Center button + rewind) didn't work. I tried hard reset (Center button + Menu/home) or soft reset (Hold down Play/pause button) both didnt work. I tried absolutely everything. I know both the cable and port work with other devices. Do you know how to fix this problem without repairing my iPod or taking it in for service?

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