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Won't play disks - blank display!

The power LED lights up, drawer works perfekt, i can hear the disk spinning inside. But nothing on the display and no output. Any idea?

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Is there absolutely nothing to see - no lights at all?

i had the display problem a few years ago with my dual studio concept - when i "flicked" slightly on the display - it came back

did you check the laser ?

maybe you should clean it with a soft cloth - dust can be a real pain on those drives

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Thx, i try the cleaning first. Does the display only comes to life when a disk is detected? I'd exspect it to say something like "No Disk".


those displays should show a sign of life when you power on the device - not that there must be anything "readable" - only a noticeable light.

check the display connection when you clean the laser (nimm am besten ein microfaser tuch zum glserpolieren, die dinger sind genial)


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Closed - I just sold the bugger.

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