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Can you id this component?

Block Image


On the pic I have drawn an red square with a red arrow.

On my board this component has fallen off.

The solder pads on the compoent is damaged so I can't just solder it back on. So I need to identify what the component is, so I can replace it.

There is no numbers os the component or on the board.

Can anyone help? If anyone have the component or a broken board I might wanna buy it:)

Kind regards


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Hmm I have uploaded a photo... but I can't see it here...?

Can anyone guide me? I'm new here.


Hi Carsten,

Thanks for the tip:) It worked.


Hi again Carsten,

Yes I'm also from Denmark. Thanks for you kind offer about helping to solder it back on. I own a small electronic company so I'm familiar with electronics. I have the component but the solder pads on the component has been damaged when it came of the PCB. So I can't get solder to "stick" on it. That is the renson why I want to identify it. I guess you could be right about its a conductor. I haven't thought about taken another similar from the board to measure. It's not a bad idea actually. Worth trying.

Thanks Carsten:)


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Hi Michael,

You need to first upload the picture so its visible in the "Images" tab below to the left.

Then in the message click on images, and then "left mouse drag" it to the text field.

Then the text editor will sustitute the pictiure with some text etc. Image & number Leave it!

Best of Luck Carsten

Block Image

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Oh, forgot also i needed to use firefox to get working. Could not get working on Internet explorer.


Hi Michael,

It is an inductor probably for a converter that transforms the battery voltage to other voltages used by the product.

Do you still have the component ? if so and it is not demolished - it can be repaired.

Do you live in .dk like me? if so I can help you solder it back in place.

If you do not have the component, I would desolder one of the other similar inductors - measure its value , and put one similar in its place.

Another option is to take one from an existing board (If someone have a broken one)

Best of luck /Carsten


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