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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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help! wine on keyboard. crying!

Hi, I elbowed my glass of wine thus causing some to spill on my 2012 13" Macbook Pro (less than a month old may I add!) most of the wine was on my chair and desk, but (I'm guessing) about 2-3tablespoons went on the keyboard of my mbp. My friend held it upside down to hopefully drain out as much as possible, whilst I cleaned it.. Then turned it off and left it open upside down in a cool place over night. Fortunately it seems to be working fine (touch wood!) however I've noticed that the back lit keyboard is only lit up in the centre (keys TYUGHBN and a couple at the top too - I'm pretty sure the others we working yesterday.. just a lot duller than the centre ones) ALSO some of the keys (mainly space bar and possibly a few on left had side) are sticky.. PLEASE HELP ME. I'm a student in my first year of University, I worked all summer to save up for this macbook and within a month of getting it, this happens :( I even bought 3yr applecare (I know its probably void now) I actually feel like crying. My Mum will go absolutely MENTAL if she finds out, I'm going home for christmas in a month and need to get this fixed before I go! Does anyone know how much its going to cost me? realistically? I'll have to put it on a credit card or something :/ -Thanks in advance

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Wipe the tears ;-} It maybe not too bad here.

Review this YouTube vid Cleaning keycaps on pulling off the keycaps hopefully it just got under them and with a little cleaning all will be well.

Whats important here is to clean with distilled water with some cotton swaps (Q-Tips) don't use tap water! The areas that you can visibly see the wine. After cleaning with the water go over the spots with a high grade (85% or better) Isopropyl alcohol with the cotton swaps again to clean the oils from the wine and to act as a drier.

Put things back together, that should do it. If not let us know.

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Replacing Only the Keyboard - It Works!!!

I had a friend who spilled both red and white wine on her MacBook Pro 13" mid-2012 Unibody (MBP) keyboard; at separate times. The final straw was the red wine she spilled on it in early December 2013. The MBP would boot up fine and was still working, although, the keyboard was inoperable.

Temporary fix was to connect a wireless Apple keyboard via Bluetooth which worked out great until the problem could be solved permanently; on or about 1/8/2014.

It would be apparent that the keyboard replacement or uppercase replacement at Apple would be a bloody fortune; approx $929.00. So, we went onto iFixit first to see if a keyboard would be purchased. No, it cannot, but you can purchase a complete uppercase for about $299.95; which is probably the better fix as you will see why. That was a bit rich for my friend.

Permanent Fix: So, we found the right keyboard on eBay for $29.95. This was somewhat risky, however, it was delivered on time and once installed, worked very well.

The iFixit guide for this MBP was a terrific help. Although, we followed most of the disassembly advocated in the guide. Replacing the keyboard only allows the avoidance of a few steps like: (1) battery can stay in, (2) the display can stay connected (mechanically, not electronically), (3) the trackpad can stay put, and (4) a couple of various cables like the hard drive cable, etc.

The project took about 2 hrs start to finish. It is a difficult repair for most, however, anyone with intermediate experience in these matters will find the repair of moderate difficulty. The real challenge with doing only the keyboard replacement is the fact that once the back plastic cover and plastic light array are taken off the back panel of the keyboard, there are literally 67 tiny little screws (Phillips 00 or 000 depending on the driver) holding the keyboard in place against the uppercase body.

One last important item is that when all assembled be sure to re-insert the Display cable probably. We thought that it was inserted properly, but upon boot, the screen stayed dark. After a brief lowercase removal and re-insertion of the display cable, the display worked perfectly.

The keyboard is like new and for $29.95 and 2 hours, this friend saved a lot time, effort, and $$$.

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Best thing to do when you spill something over a laptop. Switch of immediately. And open the machine up and then put it a box and submerge it in rice. The rice will suck the liquid up. Leave it for a few days and mostly the laptop will work.

But with liquids with sugars in them the chances are higher you damage the machine with the spill..

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@jvanrijs , rice is a great first aid, but it will not prevent corrosion. Anytime you have a liquid immersion, you will have to clean it properly.


I agree here with OT - Rice only goes so far. If I dropped my phone into a puddle or a stream with somewhat clean water then that would be something I would do. But, I would also remove the battery! And If I couldn't get it in the rice in the first 1/2 hour I would put it into the icebox or cooler keeping it as cold as possible until I could get it into the rice or open it up to dry it out. Wine or other types of spillage (milk, juice, etc…) onto the system requires more aggressive action. You can't let it dry you need to clean it up and you often need to neutralize the acids or bases and sugars that is in them ASAP as they will destroy your electronics over time.


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