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Water Damage Diagnosis Followup

Followup to this question:Water Damage Repair + Diagnosis

Basically the computer was water damaged and now it won't power on at all and the AC adapter doesn't light up when plugged in.

Block Image

Block Image

Here's the power io board, I removed it and the other side looks good. I used a voltmeter and it did pick up over 2.5V going out the power cable.

Block Image

Block Image

Here's the exposed side of the motherboard, the voltmeter did detect ~1.5V going to from the motherboard to batteries.

Block Image

Here's the motherboard to trackpad ribbon, it looks damaged, I disconnected it and still no change

Does anyone have any ideas what component(s) went bad? And what should be my next steps to diagnosis the problem? Will I need to reflow a bunch of stuff?

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While you do appear to have some damaged parts here (the cable), you also have a lot of corrosion built up around some of the components.

I would start by cleaning up as much of the junk first and then see where you are.

I would use distilled water (not tap) with cotton swabs and a toothbrush to clean things up first. Just be careful you don't snag or pull off any of the smaller components. If the water alone doesn't clean things fully try using a solution of distilled water and baking soda (about a teaspoon in a half liter of water). Then afterwards wash the area again with the distilled water to remove any traces of the soda. Then you will want to use good grade of isopropyl alcohol (85% or better) to clean down the areas again to remove any grease or oils and to act as a drier to the water that has likely seeped under the components. I would recommend letting the logic board dry out letting the sun warm it for a day before trying to power it back up. In its self it won't undo any electrical damage but is can make sure no more damage progresses.

I did note you have some damage around the two FET transistors near the battery connector. Hopefully the traces are still good under them. They may need to be replaced if they shorted out (likely from the corrosion).

As to reflowing I would hold off on that as that may not be needed.

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You should note I'm just repeating here what OT already told you from your first post. Until you have cleaned things up and then take a few newer pictures of the areas you question has damage there is not much more we can give you here.


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Here's the guide on electronic liquid repair: Electronics Water Damage

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