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Where does this leftover, very small washer go?

I have replace my back panel although i'm just about getting over all my problems it's nearly there.

However I seem to have a washer for one of the screws and I have no clue where it is from.

Can anyone remember or help me to locate where this washer needs to be.

thanks people.

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The washer was on one of the screws from step 19 to 20 of this guide iPhone 3G Rear Case Replacement

But I also didn't notice the exact screw :(

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It goes between the headphone jack housing/GPS antenna housing and the hole in the case supporting the whole assembly, where the middle of the three 1.8mm screws attaches to the back case (step 19). The order top to bottom is screw, metal part of housing, washer, back plate. Hard to explain, sorry.

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it is from inside the phone.


its going between bezel , wifi antenna , ensuring fit. maybe ...

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