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Partial recovery after washer and dryer

I have a partial recovery after my 5th gen nano went through my washer and dryer. I let it sit in rice for 4-5 days then pluged it in.

Started to boot up but would not go beyond apple logo.

Then put it into disk mode and restored it many times put would still only boot to apple logo. While on apple logo, it is recognized by iTunes, can sync and everything. It will not boot past the logo.

then: Placed into diagnostic mode and tested everything. It all checks out except the LCD color pattern test. I can not get any color patterns to show up in the test. Just remains black screen.

Can anyone help me to diagnose where my problem is or what step to take now?

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Sounds like either the LCD has partially died. If you had any warranty on it it's no longer good, for obvious reasons. Since you said that you put it in diagnostic mode and everything passed except the screen then it sounds like you need a new one. (I'm truly surprised that it still works mostly AFTER a washer and dryer, you're pretty lucky man).

You can buy a new screen here-iPod nano (5th Gen) Color Display

And how to replace it here-eehhh.... surprisingly ifixit doesn't have a guide on how to replace the screen

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Thanks for the reply. Strange that the screen works with the logo and the full menu with diagnostics but failled the color pattern. I was concerned that it might be a problem witht the logic board. Any thoughts?


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