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Quinta Geração do Iphone. A Reparação deste dispositivo é correta, requer ferramentas especificas e paciência. GSM/CDMA/16, 32 OR 64 GB/Black or White.

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No network or Wifi connection and power problems

I recently dropped my IPhone 4S down the loo, I immediately turned off the device, took out the Sim and put it in a bag of rice.

I gave not been able to use my phone since.

When I tried to turn it on 48 hours later it did not come on so I plugged it into the charger and it worked. It won't stay on unless it is plugged in.

Another problem is that it will not connect to my network and also the wifi is grey'd out.

I have replaced the battery but this has made no difference and have also tried the hair dryer on the EMI shield. I am not technically minded but will try anything to sort thus out, unfortunately my handset was not insured.


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Lindsey Webb, the first thing that you want to do is to make sure you do NOT turn your phone on, or continue to try to charge/sync it. Rice will only remove some of the water, but will not remove the water that might have accumulated around the coils, IC's etc. and will not prevent corrosion from setting in. Use this guide to clean your iPhone. It was written for a 3G but all the points apply to your phone as well. These guides will help you disassemble your phone. Once cleaned and you replace the battery, re-evaluate for any further damage. Right now, anything else is just academics and guessing. As for your WiFi being greyed out, you can try a quick reflow (no, a hair dryer will not work. Check on here Hair dryer for logic board reflow? for an explanation of why not). As with any other liquid damage, you at least have a chance to resurrect your phone. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Hi lindsey! Ive seen this before. I had a severly water damaged 4s. I replaced the battery for starters, (which most always goes bad after being wet) once I got the phone functional again I noticed the wifi was grey and bluetooth would not connect at all. Which I hear is common with ios 7. not in this case. I tried to replace the signal antenna, no luck, replaced the wifi antenna, no luck. Yes I also tried the hair dryer as a last resort and still nothing. Thag is only a temporary fix anyway. What I believe it I is, is a bad wifi chip. The corrosion and contaminates from water stays on the motherboard causing a bad connection to the flex cables. It can be cleaned off, but the wifi chip cannot. a new one must be soldered into place. The easiest way is to buy a $50 motherboard or pay $100 to have someone replace the chip. I hope this helps. Its a lost cause lol good luck!

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Seu iPhone esta desta forma, tem que aquecer a parte do wi-fi iPhone 4s aquece um pouco com estação de re-trabalho e seu iPhone 4s volta a funcionar novamente

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