My iPhone freezes, no sound, no camera. Hardware or software issue?

First I hope that you'll forgive my English, I'm French and do my best…

Hello, my 3GS looks bricked, it freezes constantly, sound is off, the camera too. It takes minutes to boot…

I'm short of ideas and I need some help

I've tried a lot of things, first I thaught that it was a software issue, I restored it with itunes in 6.1.3 it went in a bootloop, after many trials it went still in a bootloop.

To solve the problem I downgraded it to 5.1.1 with redsnow, it booted then froze, I tried 4.1 (I had only those SSH) there was nos sound…

To make it short I tried clean restores and jailbreak restores with redwsow, sometimes it booted but had no sound nor camera working, nor sound buttons, but wifi worked and the sim card was recognized and working, all that between a few freezer.

Then I thaught that it could be a hardware issue, to make it short I ended in swapping 2 3GS logic boards and now I know that the problem, if it is a hardware one, comes from the motherboard and not the other components. In the meantime I learned how to tear completely apart an iphone !

When I look at the logs there are crashes and errors with mediaserverd and /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Bom.framework/Bom, but I don't know how to correct that.

And what's strange is that twice during the last week after a restore or a downgrade of the baseband it booted normally and worked perfectly with sound, phone, camera, internet etc. during a few hours, then crashed again !!!

I'd be very happy to have your ideas about what I could do or change to repair it.

Thanks in advance.

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