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GSM iPad 2 with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage, and a Dual Core A5 Processor. Model Number A1396. Repair is complicated and requires heat and prying.

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Why my IPAD 2 LCD not Lit After Reconnect after screen replacement?

Hello iFixit i've replace my ipad 2 screen..the problem is i remove the LCD connector as i've seen in the DIY Phone Doctors video. When I Reconnect, the LCD screen wont lit. FYI while i'm working to remove the front screen i was inadvertently touch the power button, thus the ipad was in ON state. due to my screen cracked so much so i didnt turn off back the power button..assuming the touch screen not working after it cracked so much on the whole screen..and just simply assumed no shortage will happen if i'm not switch off the ipad. Now the LCD doesn't lit up..and the power button also malfunction..i do not know why..kindly help me solve this problem and help my DIY..

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Try to soft reset. Press and hold power button ang home button for 10 sec

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Thanks Yareck for the the way this is the update of my ipad 2..once i drained my battery..i reconnnect the LCD connector and then i recharged..coincidentally after 5-10 seconds the backlight was on aain where i can see the APPLE logo as we switch the ipad on..i fully charged it and checked my on/off button all function volume n camera all ok..except there was one WIFI FLEX i had accidentally cut it when i was prying at the lower right section..but the wifi still ok only requires close wifi sources..


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