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Won't Power On - Logic Board?

My late 2010 Macbook Air has liquid damage. For about a year it worked fine, then it stopped working. I took it to the Apple store and they replaced the I/O board. A few months after that, it stopped working again. If I plug in the power adapter, the LED doesn't light up.

I took it too the Apple store, and they said they couldn't get it to power on directly from the logic board, and they said it was a possible logic board issue.

I have a new Air, but I want to fix this one. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Apple store didn't fully diagnose the issue. The fact that I see no power going to the battery through the IO board (LED not lighting) makes me think it might be the I/O board they replaced which is not working properly. I have no idea how the power flows through the laptop however, and I'm aware it could be any piece in the chain. I've taken the whole thing apart and I don't see corrosion, and the only evidence of a spill is near the I/O board and behind the fan, (when I pull it out). The logic board looks clean.

Does anyone know how I can diagnose if the issue is the logic board or the I/O board, or even the Keyboard or Battery? I can purchase both the IO board and Logic Board and test, but it seems an expensive proposition.

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Replacing the I/O board is of moderate expense and difficulty - at this point (dead machine) it's a good place to start. Buying a bunch o parts to test is expensive and time consuming.

If you can charge your battery in another machine you could try force starting (jumping) the machine bypassing top case and power button. If this fails your logic board does have damage. Finding that damage and reparing it is very advanced DIY work (you could check out prices from places that repair your logic board with a replacement board) Replacing the logic board is a major DIY project. Check out the two repair links to see what you're in for and for troubleshooting steps.

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Thanks for your response, but I have more questions. Can a logic board boot up if the I/O board is faulty? How does power flow from the power adapter to the battery, does it go adapter, IO board, logic board, battery? Or is it directly to the battery from the IO board? I took apart the computer and removed the logic board last night, I'm confident I can do it again. I/O boards seem to be going for around 77 to 100 bucks on ebay. Logic boards for that computer are around 215, for the 2.13 with 4GB. So I probably wouldn't repair it, I'd replace it. I'd like to find a way to isolate the problem without cracking open my new machine.


A bad I/O board should not stop the boot process, but, some machines with a charger connected will not boot without a good (working) battery.


Yes as per step10 the power passes from the I/O board to the logic board and from there to the battery.


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