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No backlight after replacing screen

Hi guys,

I have a macbook air A1369 late 2010 with a defective lcd. This is a known problem but because it was too expensive I've never replaced it and just used it as a media server connecting it to my tv so i can watch movies.

Now I've found a cheap screen and installed it on my macbook, the only problem seems to be that the backlight doesn't work.

Through this site I found out that there is a fuse that may cause this problem, so i friend of my overbridged this fuse and now it's reading 8.0V like it should be

Block Image

The only problem is that the backlight still isn't working.

Anybody have any idea's?

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Ir might be burnt out on the display. BTW bridging the fuse is risky, you can burn out other parts of the board (maybe start a fire).

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Hello machead3,

thank you for your answer, could you please explain what you mean with "IR".

I'm not the one who is bridging, a friend of mine who has a lot of experience with this is performing the labor.

Is there any way i can get a schematic for this model?


I lost the source but someone reported doing this (bridging fuse) then seem surprised that smoke was pouring out of another spot on the board. Bridging the fuse isn't the problem...that the fuse can no longer function is the problem.


What I meant was the replacement display also has a defective backlight.


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