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Screen ripped off completely while battery connected

iPhone was dropped into water by accident. When I took the screen off to remove the battery before putting the phone into a container with desiccant to dry off, the screen ripped completely off, including all 3 flex cables. (i was using a large suction cup and seem to have applied too much force).

Can if put a new display on and have some chance of success? the water damage indicators show only the very top indicator turned red (to indicate damage).

Finally , part of the shield that adjoined the area with the cables also bent up, exposing a small corner of what i believe is the motherboard, but also making it not possible to close the phone (perhaps a little aluminum could be snipped off with the precision snips.)

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TedW, any chance you could post a couple of images? I am interested in taking a look at where the flex cables are torn off etc. It will help if we can see what you see.


Thanks for the reply. It will take a couple of days for me to get to the photo as the phone isn't with me at the moment. But as I recall the upper two cables were split in the middle but the one that plugs in lowest was ripped from/at the connector (and somehow in the process must have been the cause of the aluminum being bent in a corner just below it).


I replaced the screen and now it actually works, as far as I could tell so far. I was under pressure to fix the phone (my wife's) so i just went ahead and did it.

I still need to replace the front facing camera, the other two ribbons were part of the new screen. The actual connectors on the phone are fine.


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This is going to be a pricey repair / gamble. If you have insurance on the device put it back together and file a claim. That's just my opinion.

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