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My computer very often does'nt start

Rarely my computer starts up. When it does not start the LED next to the keys "scorr" and uppercase, flash.

Thanks for the help.

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Those are usually indicators and codes telling you there is a hardware issue. It is very common with this model to have GPU (Graphics) chip overheating issues.

The flashing LED codes mean something:

LED Component Error Condition

Blinking battery power LED Battery Insufficient charge on the battery

Blink: 1 - Caps Lock/Num Lock CPU CPU not functional

Blink: 2 - Caps Lock/Num Lock BIOS BIOS corruption failure

Blink: 3 - Caps Lock/Num Lock Memory Module error not functional

Blink: 4 - Caps Lock/Num Lock Graphics Graphics controller not functional

Blink: 5 - Caps Lock/Num Lock System board General system board failure

Blink: 6 - Caps Lock/Num Lock BIOS BIOS authentication failure

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Considering that the flashing is continuous in time but with one pulse, I think the problem of my computer may be:

Blink: 1 - Caps Lock / Num Lock CPU CPU

not functional

What can I do to resolve this trouble?

Thanks a lot


Well in my past experience you could replace the CPU and fix the system but in theory the reason for it going back was because the system was not getting proper ventilation. So in saying that you could need a CPU fan as well. Those code are not always spot on either. It could be a bad motherboard. It would be more so a gamble at this point. I would recover the data and purchase a new system in my opinion. If you want to attempt repairs let me know your exact model and I can send you links. (Model example: dv6-2332)


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