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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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Won't charge or power on

Hi. My iPad will not charge or turn on. The battery is completely flat. When I plug it in it comes up with battery charging symbol. Then after a minute the iPad comes on but once booted up to home screen it shows battery of 1% then shuts down again in about 2 seconds. Have tried hard rebooting but to no avail

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One of two things may be the issue here.

  1. You have a shot/dead/defective battery that needs replaced.
  2. The iPad power management system is failing. If this is the case you will need to replace the logic board or do some intense soldering to fix the issue.

If I was doing the diagnostics myself, I would replace the battery first. Then test again to see if the issue was solved.

If you are still under Apple warranty I would recommend having them take care of this issue for you. Battery replacement on an iPad is a real pain. I do it, but I don't recommend it.

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