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The fourth Google Nexus smartphone, released November 13, 2012.

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Phone doesn't turn on after screen and cover replacement


my nexus 4 front screen and back cover got destroyed after a car accident.

I have replaced both screens being very careful to move every piece to the new screen case (following your guide).

Now the phone is closed, new and...doesn't turn on.

My question is:

What could be the problem?

Is there a way I can troubleshoot it?

I hope somebody will answer

Thank you in advance

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your power connection on the motherboard could have come off or loose and needs to be soldered back on. pull your mobo out and pull up a schematic of what it should look like like, then look for anything different, or missing. find the part solder it on. You should be good to go:)


its usually a little gold plated prong by the power button there are two of them there, top left of motherboard. Hope it helps...

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To be honest, if it was destroyed in a car accident just about anything is possible.

Was it a bad accident, and do you know if the phone copped much of an impact, ie was it thrown across the car and slammed in to a door panel for example?

I can think of a few possibilities:

1. Damaged Battery

2. Damaged circuit board from the impact

3. 1 or more sensitive components damaged

4. An already suss solder joint losing connection

The battery is obviously easy enough to check (if you can borrow one)

If not the battery I would think it's most likely one of the other points I've raised, if this is the case it won't be easy (or cheap) to fix unless you have a mate experienced in this sort of thing.

If you even consider taking to the board with a soldering iron, make sure you use someone with experience. Not a job for beginners.

Cheers Paul

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Yes! Thank you Josh! I just replaced the screen assembly (frame, screen and digitizer in one piece) on my Nexus 4 and the phone showed as charging when plugged in but wouldn't turn on.

On the new frame the two small gold plated prongs on the power button piece were not touching the motherboard, when I pressed them to the motherboard and pressed the power button the phone turned on! Now I have to find out how to get them to touch all the time but at least I know what the problem is.

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you can add a clear adhesive not to much, just enough to get it to stick and it will hold them bonded to it, you can pick up a tube of clear adhesive for around 2$ at walmart, home depot, ect, sorry for the late reply. just saw your email. if you have any questions just ask. i have done 100s of phones all kinds. do not listen to people who tell you to put super glue in your phone, not a good idea, if you ever have to replace or remove those parts again have fun:) But clear adheshive will come off easy with a little issolated heat, but give a strong bond unless you are intentionally heating it up. good luck.

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Well the problem is you most likely didn't replace it effectively so now in return your phone will not turn on. To troubleshoot it you must hold down the volume key and the power button at the same time for 15 to 20 seconds. I know many people who have this same problem who this worked for so I hope it works out for you

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just blacked out had dim red light does not recognize device,tried several drivers,google nexus generic driver

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change headphone jack(proximity sensor).

Block Image

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