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Battery is not charging

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Recently my laptop overheated and my computer shut down. On restart, the computer only runs off the magsafe, if i remove the magsafe connect the computer will turn off. Under the power icon on the task bar it says "Battery is not charging." The battery is basically bran new off Ebay. It's only been charged twice and was working perfectly before the overheating.

I've reset the PRAM and SMC.

I've wiped and reinstalled OSX.

I've tried cooling the PC down by putting it on ice (yea i know), i got the mac down to 35C and no dice.

I also went to the apple store and they didn't have any idea, they ruled out the Ram, but two geniuses told me they never seen it before.

I think i might return the battery and get a new one.

here is a screenshot:

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New batteries are known to fail straight out of the box. Especially Chinese knockoffs.

Talk with your vendor.

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I reined the battery and got a new one, everything was fine after that


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