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How to transfer iTunes from OS 10.4 to OS 10.8?

Hello everyone. I've moved up from an Aluminum 1.67 MHz to a MBP 2.4 MHz and from Tiger to Lion. There are two problems. One is using my old Powerbook in Target Disk Mode to the new MBP works fine, but I'm unable to transfer either my iTunes or my photos. The second problem is when I finally discovered that I might need to use Migration whatever I ran into a really awful problem. I bought my MBP on eBay and the Password was "password". Yet when I try to use the Migration utility the password it's different than "password". Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can transfer my old photos and music to my new MBP? Thanks

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Thanks for your answer Mayer, the only problem is I don't have a Lion Disk the MBR came with it already installed. Can you think of any other solution?


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First wipe the new hard and install a clean system. Then, using Target Mode, use Migration assistant to move in your old user, data and apps.

Here's how to use Target Mode:

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To erase your drive using Lion start up holding down the Command & R keys. Erase the drive and reinstall the system. You'll need an internet connection to do this, I prefer a hard wired ethernet connection for this procedure. Please give us the last three figures of the serial number on your new machine.


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