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MacBook Heating Up while working,should it?

Hello, I have this laptop over several months, I know that apple Macbooks don't heat up, but mine really comes hot while I am working on it, especially when I am watching videos, Its Logic board have been recently replaced by an apple authorizer, how much should the temperature max reach on istat pro ??

Should my laptop heat, how to know if i have a problem in my fans, I don't hear their sound unless my Macbook becomes really hot, really really hot.

Thank you.

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Best thing here is to install some temp & fan monitoring software to monitor what your system is doing. I like Temperature Gauge which you can find on the Apple App Store. Then you can see if something is not working correctly as well as see what you are doing causes it to heat up the most.

As to what you are doing Vids using Flash tend to push the system hard which will cause it to get warm (the longer the vid the warmer it will get). You may want to try using QuickTime or other video standard (if you are making your own here).

You may also have something else running on your system that is sapping it of CPU cycles which in turn cause it to overheat. Adware & Malware which you didn't ask for. Get a good anti-virus app with the latest definition file they have. Heres a good write up on what you can encounter Who knew that "free" could lead to a PUP? (Sadly, not the cute and cuddly kind.) You can also run Apples Activity Monitor which you'll find in your Applications Utility folder.

Let us know what you find.

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Depends on what you are doing any laptop would heat up once your working on something. This shoulden't harm your mac unless the fan is working over time and you start noticing extreme temperatures and rapid shut downs. It is not true that macs dont heat up as its almost imposible to not get heat form your laptop. Extreme temps are when you actually cant hold your laptop in your lap and must set it down. Just to be safe run a diognostics test using your original Diognostics CD that came with your mac. If you do not have your CD Download the image from Apple Support. If it is some thing with the hardware than most likly its your fans/heat sink. Also the easiest fix could be you need more thermal paste on your CPU as your thermal paste got old and dried out. Good Luck.

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Thank you for your answers. I have another question, Installing Cracked applications may this have something with the heating ??


Sure, it's no different than sex, you can get something from your partners partners. Knowing the source of where you got your application in my mind is very important! Is not worth the risks as it could be infected. Did you read the Ars Technica article I linked to above? Very eye opening!


Also your system is on the newer side so I don't think re-doing the thermal paste would alter anything here.


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