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Avoid changing the mounted screws of the hard case


I would like to know how I can prevent somebody to open a MacBook Air 13 (model 13-inch Mid 2011 and model 13-inch, Mid 2012) and replace the HDD?

I explain better.

I want to prevent the thief to remove the SSD of the MacBook Air so that he cannot format or change the SSD and so he delete the program that can locate him or take picture of the thief (see UndercoverHQ-Orbicule website).

Can I put some metal (that works like a flew) in the screws to make it really hard to him to remove theSSD?

I know, I will not do this for a Mac that is still under factory guarantee and the only thing I can replace eventually in the future, would be the battery...

I can also take a drill and make the screw pentalobe bigger and so make it useless.

I can still buy new screws but they seems to be very very expensive and hard to find?!

Can you please give me some advice?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Nothing is fool proof to a sufficiently determined fool. You could damage the screw heads so that opening it would take a lot of time and effort - but that's about the best you can do.

Seems a bit extreme to me - but whatever floats your boat - as they say.

Even locked doors & windows will only keep a thief out of your abode up to a point.

I would use a small drill, by hand, to round the screw slots so they can not be easily removed.

Given time and motivation even that can be overcome.

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