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Where can I get the tri-wing screws used on the battery?

I've ordered a tri-wing screwdriver, but I had to replace a hard drive not too long ago and I couldn't find one in stores and I wasn't very patient. So I just used a regular Phillips screwdriver. The screws are a bit stripped now and I just don't want to have that on my Mac, I want the correct screws for it.

So can anyone point me in the right direction for them please?

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Your best bet outside of eBay would be a used part supplier.

PowerBookMedic has a complete screw set for the unibody MacBook Pros. I would contact them to double check that the tri-wing screws are included in this and to see if they are available outside of the complete set.

You might also check with an AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider) in your area to see if they have some. They will often keep damaged/scrap machines for this very purpose, to salvage odd parts from if screws get stripped or whatnot. You can locate an AASP in your area using Apple's locate tool.

Hope that points you in the right direction!

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Thanks it did a ton for me! I'm going to check ebay before buying a complete screw kit, I guess mainly because I'd like to save some money since I wont be needing all of those extra screws.


If it helps the two tri-wing screws are 5.5mm and 13.5mm in length, part numbers 922-9227 & 922-9226 respectively.


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