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Model A1419 / Late 2012 / 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac13,2

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power on only after pressing more times the power button

I had some power failure in my home but even if I have an UPS APC CS 500 my iMac powered off. Now when I try to power on my iMac I need to push more times the power botton before it goes on. I have an USB HUB that have a LED from which I can understand if there is tension.

The LED rapidly flash when I press the power button so it is as if the tension passed, and then went out quickly...only after many times the LED light on and iMac start.

What can I do?

My iMac is new (January 2013), thank you. Dario

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Dario, " (January 2013)" have you spoken to Apple yet? This should be covered under warranty.


Dario - I agree with OT here you should start with Apple. Don't go into detail of your power failure with them, but do tell them you had your system plugged into a UPS and telling them the brand & model (APC CS500). I doubt the UPS failed you here, just odd timing. I use APC units (over 50 units) and have not encountered any failures like yours with a good hand full of brownouts, power outages & lightning hits.


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I would also talk with the manufacture of your UPS - they have insurance coverage as part of your APC warranty that could pick up any repair cost Apple wants you to eat.

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my APC UPS is not a UPS with sinusoidal wave as suggested by APC for the new iMac and is an old UPS so I think it is not possible what you suggest Anyway I wolld like to know what has happened to my iMac??.


The CS 500 offers a Stepped Approximation to Sine Wave output. In any case this type of output won't hurt your system. CS500 datasheet All of our office systems use this UPS.


To answer what happened you need to go back to Apple... it might be their fault. Every once in a while they get a bad batch of parts through QC. As with any manufacturer assembling millions of units some just fall far enough "near" spec to pass... only to point out later the "spec.'s" were not good enough.


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