Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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My iPhone is almost always stuck in headphone mode

My iPhone 3G thinks it has headphones plugged in most of the time. If not, if often switches over within seconds of running an app or talking on the phone. When it does switch, it will even disconnect from bluetooth devices. It's been doing this for months and I'm tired of being afraid to answer the phone for fear they will hear silence. I can switch on the speakerphone to hold a conversation but that is hardly practical.

I've seen many others with this problem, but I have tried those solutions many times to no avail. Things I have tried include:

-Blowing or sucking air through the headphone jack and dock port.

-Cleaning the headphone jack with a Q-tip and alcohol

-Plugging and unplugging headphones several times

-Doing a full software restore of the iPhone

If you have this problem, try the above solutions first. Perhaps we can find more clues to what is causing this.

When it first started, it seemed to kick in after several minutes of heavy use when the phone would get hot. That seemed releated, but now it is basically all the time.

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I think the problem is in the iPhone's logic board headphone detection circuitry. There might be a short on the board making it look like there is a set of headphones always plugged in. You would need a new logic board to fix this problem.

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The only software fix i could think of would be to jailbreak the device. There are programs that can force the device to use the output you wish, but i have never used any of them, so i can't promise anything.

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I´ve the same Problem! It´s all the time in Headphone-mode, but if I plug the headphone in, the Sound-mode changes to the "normal-Ringtone-mode" and everything fits normal ?!

@Chris Green, could you discribe this programs better? What are they called?

Btw., my iPhone is jailbroken.

I tryed the same things you have done - and I changed the Headphone-jack. But I failed.

I also called apple, but they just offerd me a exchange for 200€ - this wouldn´t be profitable.

I read in another forum that it could be the main Speaker ?

Please inform us if you got to know a soloution. Tomorrow i gonna check the Contacts between the sensor-soundplatine and the speaker itself. Hope for answer, and sorry for my english, i´m from Germany.

Best Wishes

Max von der Ohe

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I have the EXACT same problem. I whish I could have a fix too. Can someone help us?

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i can listen songs and everying on my apple iphone headphone but its controller ,mic as well is not working properly but only speakers of headphone are can any one help me to sort out ma probz......????

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yash, please ask your own questions. Right now it look like you are answering a question that is almost a year old and nobody is going to look here. If you really want help, you need to ask your own question for the experts to see it. It is NOT hard to do.


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