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Trying to disable Optical Drive

I need to disable my optical drive on my macbook as it is failing and it costs more to replace it than it does to purchase a USB Superdrive. How can I disable the drive on the computer to be able to use a USB Superdrive?

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You don't need to disable it. Your external drive (FireWire or USB) uses a different port & ID so there is no conflict.

What you may want to consider later when you have some spare money is to get the IFIXIT dual HD kit to replace the internal optical drive with either a second HD or a SSD.

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The USB Superdrive may not be compatible with your machine. Here's what's listed:

Compatible with the following computers:

MacBook Pro with Retina display

MacBook Air

iMac (late 2012)

Mac mini (late 2009) and later

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Actually, you DO need to disable it. Otherwise, like in the case with my Macbook Pro, every time I try to play a game or anything that requires a CD as a keygen to software, the Macbook Pro does not recognize that the DVD drive is not reading discs. So any external drive will not suffice as a DVD Keygen for any game and/or software. This is the worst thing about Mountain Lion and I have no idea how to turn off/disable the internal DVD drive.


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You could just pull the drives connection internally.


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Follow the Guide'' to replace it, but instead remove the drive & cable.'' Purchase the required tools... Study the guide (not just read it).

As to putting another drive in that space... it will shorten your battery life.

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