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How can I assort all the screws of my iPhone 5?

Ok here is my problem. Ive bought an used iPhone 5, with some screws missing. So of course I want to replace those missing screws and bought a package with all the 54 iPhone 5 screws. Does anyone got any idea how I can easily find out which srew has to be add where? I started with assorting the bigger ones, but below 2,5mm its very difficult to see a difference between the srews. Is there maybe a complete overview or model of all iPhone 5 screws? Thanks in advance!

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I went through this with a 4s where all the screws from two phones got mixed up when a table was bumped. In my case, I bought a set of screws for baseline comparison.

I took a sheet of paper and drew squares, looked at the repair guide, and wrote in each square a size and number of screws. Last, I used a micrometer to measure each screw and place it on/in the square on a piece of paper.

Later, I used a little plastic (think fishing lure holder) clear box and labeled each compartment where I placed screws from a couple extra sets that I had ordered -- never know when you might lose one.

It takes a bit of time but better than shooting in the dark.

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If you go through the iPhone 5 guide list and follow each guide for the areas where the screws are missing, the guide tells you what size each screw should be, a micrometer but be needed.

iPhone 5 Repair

Just work through it one be one and you will get there, an important thing to note, if at any time there is a little too much tension on the screw STOP as this will be the wrong screw.

Please let me know how you get on.


Brendan Mills

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Thats what I tried first, does the guide tell me the length or the size of the screw?


Yes it does, every screw will have a size stated in the guide


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Same happened to me dropped all of them

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Securing and keeping track of those tiny screws:

  1. Before removing any screws from any device:
    • Read through the guide!
    • Write down the each step number that has screw removals
  2. Beside that step number:
    • Write the screw sizes
    • Write totals for each size
  3. Create a “tack strip”:
    • A strip of masking tape, long enough for each step with screw removal
    • Secure the “tack strip”your work surface, STICKY side UP
  4. I secure the “tack strip” to the work surface along its top and bottom with more masking tape pieces.
  5. On the top strip:
    • Write the step number
    • Write the other info about the screws
  6. Draw a line from the top strip, across the “tack strip”, and all the way to the bottom strip.

Additional tip: Do not work over a carpet! ;+)

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