Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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iPhone 4 wont charge after battery/dock connector replacement

My helpful 2yr old twins washed my iphone for me 6 months ago. I think they were trying to make up for flushing one down the toilet earlier this year.

Depressed, i tossed it in the rice and bought another phone. Of course i was dumb enough to try and charge it and turn it on fully waterlogged.

Fast forward to now--i discover iFixit--time for resurrection!

I have replaced battery (3x) and dock connector. Phone works great --using it to make this post!

EXCEPT it will not charge. at all.

I have cleaned logic board with isopropanol (1x) and saw corrosion/black marks under heat shield at charging section.

What is my next step? (Besides turning off all water fixtures in my house until the twins are 14)

I just know you smart folks can help me

UPDATE April 8 2015


This was a long time coming.

I had to learn microsoldering, start a new career, and practice it for a few years, but tonight, I replaced the PMIC, the Skyworks baseband chip, the charging coil and few corroded caps to solve this phone. It boots and charges. I wrote a blog post about this--

what a milestone!

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Hi There:

I have the same problem. Change to a new dock connector but still won't charge. Does anyone know what other parts can be wrong?

If you know the answer, please post here.



Thanks for responding oldturkey03! The board looks pristine, except for telltale black marks on the heat shield directly above what you indicated in the diagram as the Charging Coil L2_PMU_AP.

I own a multimeter that I've used around the house before, but I'll have to have the internet teach me how to use it to check continuity at this coil...not sure how to do that.

The coil isn't loose, so if indeed the problem is this coil, is the solution motherboard surgery, or is this the end of the line?

I have a couple of other iBoards that I've collected in the last few weeks that need some connectors reattached. Surely microsoldering can't be *that* much different from when I used to do stained glass....

What are my next steps?

jessa--aug 7


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Cuppacheese, check to see if it charges on an AC charger. The "not charging" can be caused by multiple things, like the cable, dock connector bad battery, bad charging coil as well as other components. Check for corrosion, loose connection etc. on the logic board. I marked the most common issues on the diagram. Check for continuity etc. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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Is there a diagram for the Verizon (CDMA) version? I replaced battery, charging port, LCD/Digitizer and also performed standard water damage treatment. Works fine but won't charge or connect to iTunes. Process of elimination leaves me to believe it is an issue on the logic board but I don't know where to look/test.

Can I just reflow the parts? Maybe bypass the fuse like what is done for the ipad mini backlight issue? Or do I need to replace with harvested parts?

I am new to board level repairs and any help would be appreciated.



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Holy Smokes. Found it. My first ever iFixit post. Man you can learn a lot in a short period of time.

OldTurkey, I have to thank you--I owe my entire career to you taking the time to answer this one question. If this had gone unanswered, I doubt I would have pursued it the way I did. BTW--I never did fix this phone. I did try to replace that burned coil from one I harvested from a donor board. I bought a piece of crap AOYUE hot air rework station for the job. That thing always had a temp calibration problem, but I was too green to know it. I got a new coil in there, but I burned up the PMIC with too much heat doing it. I wish there had been a microsolderer on here then that I could have sent it to. I hope I can fill that role for someone else.

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I am having the same problem. I changed the battery twice and have tried 3 different dock connectors, as well giving the logic board the proper cleaning. Everything on the phone works, but the battery won't charge.

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I had this problem today and managed to troubleshoot it. I had another iphone 4 with a faulty screen so I took the charging cable and connected it to the motherboard and it worked so the something is broken or faulty in the bottom of the chassis

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I had the exact same problem; replaced the dock connector with a brand new one and the phone didn't charge.

The solution was in the spot where the dock connector connects to the mother board! That part is so poorly constructed, there is absolutely nothing to position it above the motherboard, aside from you!

In step 12 of the dock replacement guide you can see the two parts (detached) - one on the motherboard and one on the dock connector that sit right on top of each other.

Once I extremely carefully positioned them above each other and assembled the rest of the phone, it charged perfectly.

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