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Lucky me ~ Found one on side of roadway ~damaged but works

Hello from Texas:

I'm new here and never used an iPod before but am very literate on PC matters. I actually found an iPod Model A1318 32GB in an INCASE case and to my surprise it powers up and tries to connect to a wireless access point (WAP). The glass screen is shattered but I am still able to touch the screen and make selections from the underneath MENU such as Google mail, MACGRUDER, Spawn, Zippo, and a plethora of other ICONS which are foreign to me just now. The SLIDE to UNLOCK and SLIDE to lock works just fine.

My question is WHAT should I do? Find out if the unit is in warranty and send it IN for repair at APPLE, or accept advice from USERS here at iFIXIT.COM and trash the unit or try to find the owner???

I have no power cord to reCHARGE the battery and it is showing 20% and needs some juice soon. I believe the INCASE absorbed most of the IMPACT and saved the processor, flash memory chips, etc. The case has a few minor scratches but it very serviceable for the future...

Now I'm intrigued about getting involved with APPLE products, which I have never used before.... But I'm all over the net from my laptop with broadband connection and cell phone with net access.. BUMMER ~ my old cell phone canNOT play videos....LOL I know this unit A1318 can... Perhaps Jehovah God blessed me with this unit for a purpose...

Anxiously awaiting your suggestions and I'm excited enough to check back at iFIXIT.COM and see what the BIG THING happening April 20th will be... Am wondering if the BIG THING has 4 zeros included like the HONDA ad which has blitzed the TV the past week.!!

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Turn it in to the police and if it's not claimed in thirty days, it's legally yours.


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Nice Find :)!

You will need to replace the front glass (Also known as the digitizer) which is about $50-$150, and possibly the back panel (Depending on how smashed it is) which is about $20-$40

Also, if it's been smashed like that, consider the warrenty "Voided"

You may also what to restore it with itunes, to restore it to factory settings. Keep in mind this, though: it was someone's iPod, and they may want it back. Other than that, it appears that the unit functions, and can be repaired relatively cheaply.

Good Luck!

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