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O Galaxy S 4G da Samsung é um smartphone operado com Android 2.2 que possui tela tátil AMOLED de 4 polegadas e processador de 1 GHz.

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What needs repair if phone contacts water causing screen to blackout?

Everything like charging, sound, vibrations and effects work fine however there's no image display, screen is all black.

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It fell in water about a week ago, i put it in rice for 24hrs then it worked but wouldnt charge. The next day it suddenly started charging and was as good as new ever since.

However yesterday It started acting abnormally like sliding pages and pressing buttons on its own, and wouldn't shut down when I tried to. So I opened the back cover to discover that there was water droplets around the upper part area, I quickly wiped it and pulled out the battery, waited a bit till it dries and put it back (that was a mistake), turned it on and it made sounds but the screen was all black. I put it in rice till today, took it out, and put it back together and still the same issue, no display!

What else is there to do? Is it an LCD problem? I just got the phone last month and I hope It can be fixed!


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oryana2, my first suggestion would be to stop charging it and remove the battery. Do not try to turn it on until it is cleaned. Rice my be great as a first aid and excellent for cooking, but it is not great to repair phones. Disassemble your phone, take a look at this teardown and see if you are up to it. Once it is disassembled, clean every part, connector and cable end with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. You can use a soft brush to help you with the cleaning, be diligent but careful so you do not damage the components. It is okay to submerge the board. After that, replace the battery reassemble and then re-evaluate. It is possible that you will need a new LCD, but until your phone is cleaned, it is strictly hypothetic. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Ok thank you for responding. I'll try to teardown the phone and clean it. So the battery also needs replacement? If so, where do i get one?


Also can I use 70% isopropyl alcohol instead of 90%


70% still contains 30% of "other stuff". Stick with the higher percentage since that is what displaces waster, especially if there is any residual in smaller crevices.


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I had a very similar experience where an ocean wave washed over my S4. Like you, the screen blacked out, although I could tell it was functioning. In the end, the

  • LCD connector (not the screen itself)
  • Motherboard (aka logic board)

...both had to be replaced. Thank goodness for iFixit's instructions on how to replace those components.

In my own defense though, it was a helluva vacation.

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