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How did I brick my phone after replacing screen, power ribbon,battery?

Hey there, I tried replacing my screen, rear panel, power and sensor ribbon and also my battery. I have double checked all my connections, but it doesn't seem to matter. My phone will not power up, will not vibrate and will not be recognized by a computer. The only signs of life are when it's plugged in it seems to get warm like it's charging normally. What would cause complete power loss?

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Someone help please! I don't want to have to go buy a new iPhone 5.


Did it work before you did all those replacement? why did you replace all of that?


It all worked technically. The screen was cracked but worked. The power button worked, but would not "click" and the battery worked, but it only lasted a few hours.


Sounds to me like there may be damage to the motherboard. If you have tried a new battery and tried the old battery as well to make sure its not an issue with that. The only other thing I could think to change out would be the charge dock and see if that changes anything.

Good luck buddy


Yea, I tried both batteries and got the same thing. How do you damage the motherboard? I was pretty careful in disassembly and there doesn't appear to be any external damage. Could it be something with the power button ribbon? Is there a ground for the power system that maybe I'm not getting a good connection on?


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idk if thit has anything to do with whats going on but it doesnt hurt the motherboard to can try this to get damage out of the mother board, i did this after dropping my phone in a pool and it worked:

1. remove the mother board

2. get your rubbing alcohol

3. remove caps from mother board

4. place motherboard into rubbing alcohol

5.brush lightly with brush

6. remove and let dry for about 30 minutes

7. place caps back on motherboard

8. reassemble motherboard

reassemble phone and voila

heres a video that explains even better:

Good Luck

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I will try that.


Tried it last night. Still nothing : ( looks like I'll have to send it to somebody.


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