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Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Display flashes once but MacBook doesn't boot

Press power but no response other than display flashes once for a second and then goes black.

No chime or front sleep light or hard drive spinning up.

If I flex the bottom case upwards a bit, it's very similar, i.e. display flashes once, but this time the Caps and F6 key light up. And there appears to be some sort of faint hum from inside the Macbook. But no HD or DVD spinning up.

I took this in trade for spare parts from a guy who described the MB as not starting up, except that occasionally he could get it to boot by flexing the bottom case. And it would stay on for days at that point.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Is your computer plugged in ? If it boots while it is, it means that your battery is probably dead. If it still does not, you may try resetting the SMC. To do that, remove your battery and unplug your machine, press the power button for (at least) 5 seconds, put your battery back, Wait for 10s Then try starting it.

Hoping that Will work,

Give us some feedback


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Hi Vincent. Thanks for the prompt reply. No battery. Tried only with AC plugged in. The LED on the Magsafe comes on and is green (no battery installed). I tried resetting the SMC. I tried swapping RAM, but no go.

I've successfully fixed Macbooks in the past, but this is a problem I haven't seen before. I've had Macbooks where there was no response whatsoever, but that was due to either a bad keyboard/top case or to bad RAM. After changing them the other Macbooks booted fine.

I've also had Macbooks with a black or dimmed display, but changing the entire display unit solved the problem.

This is a new one to me. The display just flashes once and that's it.


Ok, and does the led flash ?


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Sounds like your logic board has a problem. At this point I think you need to open it up to see if it had gotten wet at some point and/or any visible damage to any components or cabling.

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