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changed lcd digitizer and data cable, still no fix for screen blackout

Hey guys,

I followed the manual to fix and change over the lcd digitizer and the display cable, but i still have the same problem. Whenever i set the display brightness past 4 levels, the screen will eventually go black and i will have to lower them to 1 then set it back under 4 levels. Would anyone know what else could be the problem? (i also fitted the cables in nicely, so i don't believe that it the cause).

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The only thing left is your LCD I believe that the backlight is failing... replacing the backlight is a very advanced DIY project Replacing the entire LCD is difficult but not so nearly impossible for a DIYer.

Check on price and availability to determine if it's economically feasible to replace the screen.

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so what exactly would i be replacing? the lcd as a whole or a specific part of the lcd?


Easiest DIY fix - replace the LCD (backlight included). While it is possible to replace only the backlight it is a very advanced DIY project.


so just wondering where would i find out how to do the advanced way diy of the lcd? im sure i'd be capable if i had a guide to follow


Did you bother to look at the guide? There is a graphic on the right side just under the banner head.


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