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One of my fans does not run.

Using iStat pro I discovered that my left fan is not working and the temps were running high. I then installed SMC Fan Control to beef up the other fan. I also took out my battery. That has the machine running cooler, but I need to fix this.

How can I know if I should just replace the fan or if something else is making it not run? I figure it is not a sensor problem since SMC cannot make the fan run either.



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I bought a new one and replaced it. The new one works, but I thought later that the first one was connected improperly. I already had it hooked up so didn't check it though. My suspicion is that it was improperly reconnected after my mac was in for service once. So much for service techs.

thanks guys.

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Replace the fan

You'll have a new cable too. If that fails you'll have to do the sensor or logic board

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If you know a tech you could ask him to check if there's any voltage on the logic board fan socket contacts. If so then the fan is probably dead, if not then the logic board has a problem. If you don't know someone to check the voltage then buy a fan then you'll know who's the culprit. I wonder if you could connect your second fan on the problematic fan socket and check if the fan is running. Maybe someone here knows if it can be done for testing purpose.

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