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Repair and disassembly guides for Apple Time Capsule wireless network devices.

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Powers Green Light. Blinking Orange, 30secs Powers Off.

I have a Time Capsule A1254 (500GB). I realise these Items are prone to PSU issues. What is the correct method of diagnosis. I have powered it off for ages. Tried to reset it. Then ports on the rear light initally when powered. The front LED is Green Briefly like 3 seconds. Then blinking Orange 20-30 seconds then powers down. I can't hear any hard drive noises, spinning up.

I have attached the ethernet cable too. cannot see it.

How do I know that the main board has not gone, rather than the HDD or PSU. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance people :)

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After checking online and posting questions. I checked the PSU visually. It was fine. Put the TC back together without the HDD in Booted fine :) Just got to get a replacement hard drive. Cool.

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Open the airport utility and click on the status, or yellow dot.. and find the reason.. fix the reason it is blinking.. all errors from trivial to major have the same blink code.. we cannot offer advice because we have no idea what your issue is

Follow this thread especially the advice from LaPastenague about 1/2 way down the page.

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Dude, I would not be trying to reset it or use an ethernet cable. If I could see it in Airport Utility. It is not appearing up as stated.

Again. How do I know that the main board has not gone, rather than the HDD or PSU. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance people :)

Is there any proper apple technical manual?


You have to use the Ethernet cable direct to set these up, or, troubleshoot them. It is normal behavior for a problematic device to drop off (disappear from) the wireless network. Try a crossover Ethernet cable. That might make a difference.


I tried a crossover cable in all the ethernet and the bridge port. No joy :(

The only other thing I noticed is after cleaning the rubber base which was a bit grubby from being on the floor. It had some yellowing on the mount points that correspond to the power supply.

Can the power supply partly malfunction and switch itself off as described?


Got bored opened up the PSU. Capacitors looked fine, no jam. Smells a bit hot. Inconclusive. Whats next. Main board or just swap a drive.


jason g - please follow this thread.


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