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MacBook does not start, no beep, no fan

Hey fellows, have the same problem, but already tried to replace motherboard and battery - nothing helps :( macbook does not start, no beep, no fan, MagSafe 2 LED is green when connecting it and changes to orange (charging) after one second, i have no idea more what else i should to replace...

macbook air late 2010

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Maybe it's an issue with your trackpad/upper case?


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Go over all your work again, especially the connectors (often things "look" connector or are "thought" connected only to be found not square, snapped or locked in). I'd be contacting the replacement logic board vendor for verification/help/replacement of the logic board. To eliminate a top case/power button/ribbon cable issue you could jump start the logic board.

The orange light on the mag safe could indicate a ground or DC-In board problem -that would not/should not effect booting.

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