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The HTC One (codenamed M7) is HTC's 2013 flagship smartphone. It features a seamlessly designed unibody aluminum frame, large dual front-facing speakers, and a 4.7-inch 1080p display.

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Cracked back housing due to fall


I recently dropped my phone on the floor. It wasn't big fall, around 20 centimeters, but still, it got some damage. I found that one of the corners is scratched and it is not so pretty on the black version of HTC One.

So, do you think that is possible to replace back cover/housing and if yes, how much do you think that it will cost.

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Hi Peter,

I am not sure about your exact model, but in general I think it is possible to replace the back cover/housing. You might want to follow the teardown guide to disassemble the phone. At the same time, however, as the teardown guide and this article indicates, this phone is given a very bad 'repairability', e.g. due to the use of glue rather than screws.

In any case, the choice is yours.


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The cost of the HTC One rear housing is about $35. But it's really difficult to tear it down as Steffen referred. Think twice before you do it.

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Don't worry. Use it as is.

One corner scratched, no problem at all. You should see mine.

You may try to paint over the scratched regions with a permanent black marker or so.

Also you can use a case, which would hide the present scratches.

While trying to disassemble your phone, you may mess things up, and become even more unhappy.

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I recently dropped my phone on the floor...and its a small damage on back side how much cost of the pannel.... am using htc one

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