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broken lcd and screen

So I broke my screen and glass on my samsung galaxy s3 for verizon. Instead of just buying the lcd and screen by itself I was considering buying the front housing that already has everything together and it says just put in your motherboard. Basically it's just like the one on this link:

But I wasn't sure if my motherboard would fit in one that says for sprint, u.s. cellular, etc. So I guess all I really need to know is will my motherboard from my phone work in any cases even if its from another carrier?

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There is no reason why it should not. The carrier's really do not change the hardware this dramatically.


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You'd better get the replacement screen for your Verizon version for fear of causing any trouble. And the new screen with front housing for S3 is not cheap. The S3 model for Verizon is SCH-I535.

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