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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Stuck in boot loop, cannot enter DFU and hangs at restore mode?

Recently, my iPod Touch 4th generation died and is now stuck in a reboot loop. When trying to flash the device, my iPod will reboot before iTunes will flash the device, ending up in an unknown error. I have not been able to enter DFU mode; it just causes it to reboot. After about 20 minutes, the Apple logo briefly flashes and the screen is overtaken by a sudden white cast, then reboots. Restore mode also isn't an option and, since I have it jailbroken and the warranty is long gone, it won't be able to be sent back to Apple. It's jailbroken at iOS 6.1.2 using evasi0n and my PC is running Windows - any possible fixes? I'm willing to open the device to do this.

One more: Where is the main drive on the device?

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Was your jailbreak a tethered or un-tethered one? I remember having to restart mine with it plugged in and having my jailbreak program open.

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Untethered jailbreak. Also, DFU mode isn't an option since my iPod just restarts. I don't think mobile substrate is onboard, no Cydia tweaks installed it. That goes for pwned DFU mode and recovery mode, it just restarts. Also, it won't connect to PC.


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