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The Kindle Fire, Fire, or Amazon Fire is an Android-based media tablet by Amazon with a multi-touch color display. Repair requires only screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Why would my Kindle WIFI detection quit after working for months

My Kindle fire's WIFI detection stopped working after months of working OK. I have not changed my home router or settings since installation. My wife also has same model Kindle Fire and it continues to work fine. I have tried resetting to factory defaults numerous times with no success. I have even placed the kindle alongside the wireless router with no success. I have more than enough unused wireless openings to accommidate this and other devices.

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Has it gotten wet at all or been dropped harder than usual lately? Both can cause certain grounds/screws to be shorted out or jarred loose. Have you tried taking it apart?

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Hasn't been dropped, gotten wet, or any other abnormal circumstances. No I haven't tried taking it apart yet. I figured I wait for that step until I see a few possible suggestions.


Look under the setting menu, second page (probably) for "Device Info". The first item should be "WiFi MAC Address". After that there should be a 12-digit hexadecimal number (with colons separating the digits into groups of 2). If instead it says "unavailable", then your WiFi adaptor has died, or become disconnected. That's what happened to my Kindle. I still use it, by loading content from my computer using the USB cable.


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