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Quinta Geração do Iphone. A Reparação deste dispositivo é correta, requer ferramentas especificas e paciência. GSM/CDMA/16, 32 OR 64 GB/Black or White.

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The ground connection on the iPhone

I have a company to replace the screen on the iphone when l get it back it work bit as l use it the back lit on the phone was acting up, so it was the screw was miss up by the display connect that was miss, so l stayed to look for the logic board the phone sill works no display also the screw by the battery connect is messed up can't take it out, l am looking for the screw mat for the iphone 4s not the four where can l get it

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I am confused. That is one big sentence and only thing I can make out of it is that you are missing a this correct? Or are you looking for a screw mat? I think both can be had here at Look under the parts/tools section.

Good Luck!

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The screw by the 2 cables for the LCD is messed up? I have had this problem before and when i screwed it in the screen would turn off, i took it back apart and figured out that the little metal piece that the screw treads into was shifting up when going in causing the screen to shut off because the LCD cable was being pushed on. i decided to just leave the screw out and i had no problems after that. Now for your battery im not sure what you said completely. Are you missing the screw that holds the board down and then has another screw that goes on top to hold the battery connector down ?

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also whoever did work on your phone should take care of it if you're having problems after ?


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