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memory RAM stuck inside at the bottom slot

So basically, I did a mistake when I tried to upgrading my MBP memory RAM. After I removed the original RAM, and when I tried to install the first RAM to the bottom slot, it did not installed correctly but I already pushed it too hard so now it just stuck there without being recognized by my MBP. Then I continued to install the second RAM into the top slot (each 8GB). Then when I turned it on, it says that the RAM is only 8GB instead of 16GB (obviously the bottom RAM did not installed correctly that's why).

So now my question is, how to remove the stucked memory RAM out from the bottom slot of my MBP 15" mid 2012?

Thanks in advance,


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First remove the easy one then try to wiggle the other one loose, here's how: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 RAM Replacement

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pull it because i believe you just broke the slot or ram card so you will have to take a look once you pull it out as hard as you can without breaking the ram

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What if it is the top ram chip that is wedged in at an angle

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