Digitizer not working after tear down

After tear down and replacement of the glass/digitizer the digitizer isn't working. Any ideas or things I could check would be appreciated. I've already checked the cable which is seated fully.


After working with this device some more I ordered a new digitizer. The new one doesn't work either. Are there any steps to test the device to make sure the logic board's terminal is working. Or are there other contacts or components that could effect the functionality of the digitizer? I have replaced dozens of digitizers and never had this problem. The Tab 2 was the first device with this problem.

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I have the same problem, my smashed screen was working after tear down the new digitizer did not work. I installed the smashed one that worked before tear down and now that one does not work either.

Im wondering, where you running your tab stock or something else.

== Update ==

I spoke to the Samsung techs, They said that you are not supposed to just replace the digitizers. They only replace the digi and the lcd as pair, Apparently there is some ground that gets severed when you separate them.

They want $200 to fix it!

You could also just buy the lcd digi as a pair and replace but don't hold me to that.


Did you find solution to this problem? It happened to me also


Crap, I read this before replacing my digitizer and as one may guess... Doh! It's not working. Going to reopen tomorrow and will post updates if I figure anything out.


Someone find any solution? I have the same problem.... with Samsung galaxy tab 7.


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