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Do you know what is causing it not to boot?

The Computer will give the happy boot chime then it will start to boot on the hard drive but the monitor has grey lines in it. The computer will keep acting like it is booting but never completely boot. It just has the circle go around and around on the monitor with the lines in it. I have rest the PRAM and PMU and the lines changing but still not booting. Tried to boot from external drive but it would not recognize the firewire. Tried booting in target mood to get the data off the hard drive. The computer trying to recognize this PowerBook did not recognize the PowerBook in target mode. Pulled the hard drive and was able to read the data off of it. tried to boot from the Tiger System disk but it would not boot from it. Tried to boot from the external hard drive with the option key held done but it booted the same as the internal drive did. Do you have any ideas of what part needs fixing? Thanks

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Were you able to repair or boot from the old hard drive when you recovered the data?


It would not boot after I repaired the hard drive.


RAM is my #1 suspect at this point.


OSX 10.4? ____________ Try booting in Verbose mode (Command-V). ___________ ___________ Lemme know what happens. Pay particular attention to where it get stuck, or if it loops, the start and end of the loop. __________ THANKS! --Dave


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There is something fishy in your OS, or the HD is getting cranky. Until we can boot the machine, it is hard to sort this out!


Try booting into Verbose mode so we can learn more.

To boot up in Verbose mode: Reboot and hold down both <control> and V. Write down the last few lines of the humungus text output, and tell me about it here by editing your question, or by adding a comment to your question or to my answer.

If I can not see anything obvious at the end of the boot log output, you may want to zap the PRAM.

And there could be RAM issues - maybe setting the ram test to run at boot would help - If we could boot and get to terminal. Maybe remote debug, also not setup, dang.


You can not boot to the OSX Install CD, so that removes a number of options.

You can not boot to an external firewire drive, so that removes other options.

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It is definitely the logic board on the computer. Sorry man. It is the reason you are getting grey line on the apple logo and why you can't boot to an external drive, internal drive or a CD.

I am disappointed everyone jumped to conclusions about the hard drive when you clearly stated you were able to read the data off the drive. Also, it wouldn't be the RAM because you hear the BONG!!!! which means the computer has past POST. (power on self test).

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The power up RAM test is not thorough, and does not seem to catch every possible problem. Some HD issues can also be difficult to diagnose. It could even be a bad block on the HD, which is easily fixed. Computers are pretty complicated. Which chip do you think we should replace on the logic board Jethro? I though the video card (which is not on the logic board) generated the video images...


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