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4s does not connect to any wifi at all

My 4s just been used for one year, never been dropped. One day, it just stopped to connect to any wifi. Under the setting wifi, it is completely greyed off. Apple tech said the chip to connect the wifi is broken. This phone cannot connect to any wifi now. I have tried switch off and on and still not help. Any expert has idea how to fix that? I am so disappointed with this Apple now!!!

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bad apple, I guess the very first step would be to disassemble the phone to see if there is any obvious damage to the WiFi circuit. Sorry about your bad experience. With a greyed out WiFi it is usually that the firmware does not find a Wifi IC


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I had the same issue last week on a 4s. Turn off the phone and use some 94%+ alcohol to clean the contacts and the black grounding clip that covers the wifi connector. I learned the hard way when these guides say, "on re-assembly clean part x", to do it and don't touch the clean area. If that doesn't work the cable or circuit is faulty as stated in by OldTurkey & Jack.

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Check your bluetooth, can you use that? If your wifi/bluetooth is grayed out you can do the following; (Warning: If done incorrectly you can destroy your phone.)

Dissasemble your phone, take out the motherboard. Locate the wifi/bluetooth chip and remove the black tape covering it. The chip should look like this; (http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/N3Nn59ZJmyM/maxre...)

Use the smallest heating tool you have at your disposal to warm up the chip along the edges. Ensure you spread the warmth evenly to avoid any damage. Note, the chip needs to get hot. Avoid warming other parts of the phone! If you only have something like a large heat gun or a blow dryer I'd suggest covering the surrounding parts of the motherboard with some kind of heat protection, such as tinfoil.

Allow the motherboard to cool off.

Reassemble your phone.

I've fixed this problem 4-5times using this method. The first time I did was very crude, with a large heat gun. The second time I pulled out a smaller tool, used mainly for soldering allowing me to direct the heat to the wifi/bluetooh chip and that chip alone.

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Try restoring. If that does not fix it, replace the wifi antenna. If that doesn't fix it, replace the logic board.

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