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Whirlpool Commercial Gas Dryer not igniting gas for heat?

This is a commercial Whirlpool gas dryer model GCGM2901JQ0. The dryer won't heat. Dryer turns, has gas to dryer, replaced the burner ignitor kit (279311) Dryer ducts clean, still doesn't heat. Thanks for your help! John

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We replaced the igniter and it fires but doesn't get as warm as it should. Cycles off too soon. Thinking it may be operating thermostat. Where is it located in Whirlpool gas dryer. Thanks


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Thermal Fuse

If the dryer doesn't heat, but the drum turns, check the thermal fuse(s). The thermal fuse protects the dryer from overheating and helps to prevent fires. If the thermal fuse is blown, it will have to be replaced.

Gas Valve Solenoid

The gas valve has two or more electric solenoids which open the valve to let the gas flow into the burner assembly. If the dryer doesn't heat one or more of the solenoids may be defective. If the igniter glows for 90 seconds but the burner flame doesn't light, replace these coils as a set.

Flame Sensor

Gas dryers have a flame sensor to detect the heat given off by the flame. If the dryer doesn't heat, the flame sensor might be defective. Check the flame sensor for continuity. This is not as common as a burned out igniter or thermal fuse.

High Limit Thermostat

Although not common, if the dryer doesn't heat the high limit thermostat can be defective. It can be checked for continuity. If the thermostat is "open" the dryer doesn't heat.

Cycling Thermostat

The cycling thermostat regulates the temperature of the air in the dryer. If the dryer doesn't heat it may be caused by a defective cycling thermostat. This is not common.

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I have changed all of the above. Dryer always lights on first cycle after not being used., maybe 2 or 3 cycles. After that it is temperamental. Igniter glows, but it does not always relight.


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I have a similar problem. Also, my timer won't advance. I had noticed in the past that the buzzing sound that ignites the gas was going on and off before it stopped going on at all. Does that symptom pinpoint the issue, or will I still have to do multiple tests? Thanks!

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I bought the fuse for the dryer but it still won't get hot, what is my next option?

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