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Do you really have to remove the battery to replace rear camera?

I have ordered a replacement 4S rear camera which will hopefully fix my 4S. In reviewing iFixit and other tutorials for the repair, all mention first removing the battery before proceeding.

Is this actually necessary? The battery doesn't seem to physically obstruct anything with the camera replacement. Perhaps it is necessary to cut power to the phone components?



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Not necessary. Apple Technician Guide for iphone 4 has the correct procedure. battery is not removed. Actually, the battery MUST NOT be removed for safety reasons. once the battery is removed it MUST NOT be reused. So ifixit disregarded safety warnings, again.

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it's for safety, you don't physically have to. but you dont want to short cut anything else

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Thanks for the reply iwillfix, that makes sense to me. When you pull the EMI shield, it's probably easy to short something on the board.

I guess you could also just pop the battery connector up and disconnect the power only. Removing the battery is no big deal, but I figured if my battery happens to be glued down really well then I could avoid prying it off.


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