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stuck in boot loop.

I had similar problem. That occurred after I had the iphone jail broken and then I applied the 6.1.3 through iTunes. MISTAKE. i got stuck in boot loop. bought battery kit from here, just in case. replaced. still same problem.

i tried restoring to different firmware files, from 5.01 to 6.1.2, to no avail.

Any suggestions?

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try this

On Windows, these files are located in a hidden folder. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must select Tools> Folder Options, click View, then select "Show hidden files and folders.

In Windows Vista, follow the instructions below: - Go to Start> Computer> Local Disk and type the following path: C: / users / [yourusername] / AppData / Roaming / Apple Computer / iTunes / - Delete all files in the iPhone Software Updates folder and Device Support. - Try to restore the iPhone again.

In Windows XP, follow the instructions below: - Choose Start> Run, then type C: / documents and settings / [yourusername] / Application Data / Apple Computer / iTunes / - Delete all files in the iPhone Software Updates and in Device Support.

If, despite these recommendations, you still have this error, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes.

Try using a USB hub.

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Thanks for the info. This will be helpful, but I am using it on a Mac.

Eventually, What I had to do, is several times hard reset, and at the right moment, connect to my Mac. I had to install a firmware file that was downloaded through iTunes (option+restore). Once that was installed, all was OK. I think that the firmware file was damaged. Works.


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