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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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New hard drive but won't start even with new starter disk

I replaced my hard drive and then had a white screen with a file with a ? on it showing. It was suggested that i press control while inserting the start up disk while turning the computer on.

The start up disk then loaded until the screen where it said 'save file to' and there are no options showing for where i can save it to - so i can't continue.

Does this mean it doesn't recognise the new hard drive?

It is supposed to be mac compatible...

what can i do? help!!

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Your new hard drive may be rated faster than your MacBook can recognize. See if the are jumper pins on it to slow the drive down to 1,5 Gh/s.

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where are jumper pins and what do they look like?

Is it a case of just moving them a bit?


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You'll need to look on the HD for the header and review the manufactures guide for the HD. Some drives don't offer any jumper possibility then you'll need to get a different drive.

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Thanks so much guys. If my hard drive doesn't have a jumper possibility, so i have to get a new hard drive or can i upgrade my mac to being 3 gb/s?


Can you give us the make & model of the HD you are having problems with maybe we can figure out where the jumper needs to go. As to your Q can't alter your system's I/O speed it is what it is.


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