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Upgrade logic board on late 2011 MacBook Pro

I have a 13" Macbook Pro (early 2011) with what I suspect is a busted logic board. If I change it, would I have to chose the exact same board or could I use the opportunity to upgrade the prosessor as well? Also how is the early 2011, late 2011 and mid 2012 compatablity regarding logic boards? Thanks!

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Your choices are limited here.

If you had a 2.3GHZ system you could swap-out the logic board with a 2.7GHz board. Otherwise you have no upgrade path staying within the same generation.

In any case you can't swap-out the CPU by its' self (soldered on) and you can't swap-out the logic board for a different board than what the system was intended to have.

With that said, you might be able to swap it out with a MBP "13 '12 non-retina version. I would strongly recommend you double check with the supplier if it's compatible and can return it if it doesn't work. I've not tried this, but the systems are very similar so it might work. Good Luck!

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By this you mean that if I want to change my macbook pro 13" early 2011 logic board, I can use a late 2011 logic board? Witch btw is my case. Water damaged my logic board, and I can't use my thunderbolt port anymore...


@benrivest - Apple sometimes sticks with a design with minor alterations like CPU or GPU.

That was the case across the 2011 ~ 2012 15" MacBook Pro's. It was common for people to swap out the boards as the 2011 models had the tendency to fail when pushed hard.

The 13" models where a bit different, as they don't use a discreet GPU chip and tended not to breakdown as much.

I've swapped out the 2011 boards across the early and late, I haven't swapped out the 2011 (either) to the 2012 model my self but I have heard it is like the 2011 to 2012 upgrades. Only needing to worry about the slight modification of the LVDS cable.


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I think the getting a board with larger processor should be fine, the only problem might be that the processor would be larger in size than the one you have and might not fit well against the heat pipe. Other than that I think it would be fine, you should look and see on the intel website if the processors are the same size.

Hope this helps,

John H. Laney

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I would love to know if this worked. I have an early macbook pro 2011 13 inch and a macbook pro 2012 non retina the newer my was my girlfriends she broke her screen, plus my 2011 model has 16gb ram and 250ssd was thinking of switching the logic board from her old one in to mine. So 2012 logic board in a 2011? anyone know if it works??? would be sweet if i could get that 2012 logic board go from 2.3 to 2.5 and have better integrated graphics and usb 3.0 :D

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