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replaced hard drive...now what

I just replaced the HD in my MacBook Pro and i keep getting a flashing briefcase with a question mark on the screen. what do i do now?

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That means that it can't find a bootable drive. Assuming the drive is installed correctly all that is needed to be done is install the OS. To do so, hold C while booting up the computer to boot from the optical drive (insert an install disk) and follow the instructions to install. Very simple.

If the OS is installed already then the matter is that a startup disk isn't specified (though it should look for and find one so this is doubtful), in which case you need to hold option at startup to select a drive to boot from.

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Did you install an operating system onto the new harddrive? A flashing question means it cannot find an OS to boot... You will need the OS disks to install Leopard or something onto it.

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