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Lançado em junho de 2012, modelo A1278. Processador Intel com Turbo Boost, até 512 MB DDR5 de RAM vídeo

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Logicboard problems after liquid spill.

I have a MacBook Pro 13" model, that I have owned since Dec 24 2012 (it wasn't a Christmas gift).

I managed to spit Mountain Dew on it, not pour but spit, as you guessed it stopped working,but after letting it dry out it worked fine, so I kept using it after cleaning the top of the logicboard.

But, then out of nowhere it stopped working again, so I sent it to a technician and they cleaned it again and got it to turn on, but literally a few hours later, again it stopped working, so I opened it up and cleaned the other side of the logicboard. Again, it continued to work until today, it stopped, so I opened it and cleaned but with no luck, there's no sign of life except, on the MagSafe, which has a very very very faint green light on it.

I've tested some of the components on the logicboard with a multimeter and there showing the correct voltage. But, somehow in all of my stupidity I shorted the DC in board when I was testing its volts. The logicboard SEEMS fine, but there's no sign of life besides the voltage on the logicboard. I need help because I'm stumped and the nearest apple technician is 3 hours from here.

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Your cheapest option, if you aren't under warranty anymore, would be to replace the logic board completely.

This is the 2012 2.8ghz i7, and as long as you have the A1278 mid 2012 model, no matter then current logic board, this will fit, and give you the opportunity to upgrade to a better processor swell.

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Spilled or spat soda can cause a lot of damage if you hadn't cleaned it up fully. It tends slowly corrode the copper traces of the PCB and short out things.

In this case I think you have little option than to visit the Apple Store. As you have cleaned things up they most likely will exchange out the logic board under warranty.

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I cleaned it very well when I spat Mountain Dew on it, and I actually did get the computer working 1 week ago after a re-flow but, just today it died again.


As you have a newer system ('12) Apple might replace the logic board for free if you did a good job cleaning it up. Don't wait to long here as the clock is ticking. If they won't fix it you can do as Mason recommends, but are you up to tearing down your system your self? This is not a small job (review the iFixIt guide). Or, get it to an Apple authorized service center and have them do it. In both of these options you will need to pay for the part & labor.


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